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not sure if you mind if i dance with you
big time rush; pre-Hollywood
For the btrsecretsanta exchange, gift for disorient_me. :)

→ Kendall hates parties, but James won’t let him hate this one.

Kendall tugs at the knot of the tie that he imagines must be strangling him. He hates these stupid parties, because they always end up being centered around one thing. And that one thing is giggly and silly and mysterious.

Girls. He thinks that maybe it’s just a phase he’ll one day grow out of, but for the past 15 years he’s been ultimately sure that girls are the bane of his existence. Their curls and heightened hems and glossed lips always make him roll his eyes. He’s convinced the only girls he will ever truly love are his mother and his baby sister. Otherwise, he’s perfectly happy to avoid any interaction with the mass of starry-eyed girls hoping for a slow dance or a hand to hold.

And coming to this Super Special Dressy Invite Only Holiday Party only makes him want to lock himself up at home, turn on ESPN and eat tons of manly junk food until he explodes. But James insisted they come, and Logan said it was only polite, and Carlos didn’t say anything but Kendall knew he didn’t mind being subjected to all this.

So he’s leaning against the wall and his eyebrows are probably speaking his displeasure clearer than his words ever could, bunched together in a pile of discontent. Two girls have already approached him -- one shyly inquiring if he’d like to sway to the ever-loved All I Want For Christmas Is You, and the other brashly tugging on the end of his button up shirt in attempt to drag him into the center of the room (a bundle of fake mistletoe had been perched beneath the ceiling fan, and at least ten times had a chorus of giggles sounded to alert the entire room that a kiss had been sealed). He’d stuttered a “no thanks, I’m allergic to dancing” and somehow gotten away with it. He knew, though, that if another girl asked, he’d feel too guilty not to.

“Don’t you feel bad, standing over here like a Grinch?” Kendall turns to find James and his pout of disappointment.

“Not at all. In fact, I feel less bad the more I think about the Maples game I’m missing right now.” James shakes his head and pulls at Kendall’s shirtsleeve.

“What if I asked you to join me, would you say no to that?” James waggles his eyebrows suggestively, and Kendall can’t help but snort a laugh.

“Of course not. What kind of friend would I be?” Not that he had much of a choice, since James had already started to drag Kendall into the crowd of people dancing.

They pass a disco-ing Carlos who had two girls shimmying along side him and even a red-faced Logan whose hands were cautiously placed on the shoulders of a grinning girl Kendall recognized as the president of the National Honors Society and the only person at school who’d beat Logan’s PSAT scores.

“Gonna spin me?” James teases as they stop and he wraps an arm around Kendall’s waist. Chuckling, Kendall moves James’ hand up a little.

“Getting fresh with me like that, and no sir.”

James makes a face of mock disbelief before shuffling his feet forward than back. Kendall trips at first, but James begins counting softly and Kendall starts to keep up. They move around clumsily for the rest of the song and through the next.

“Feeling better?” James asks when they stop, his face shining with the pleasure he felt at making Kendall actually move.

Kendall smiles and nods. “Much.”

Suddenly a girl squeals and runs up to them. She points upward and blathers, “Kiss! You’re under the mistletoe! You have to!”

Before Kendall can step away and proclaim it all an unintended incident, James swoops in and smacks a kiss between Kendall’s nose and lips. He’s laughing jollily as Kendall gapes and tries to recover.

“You should have seen your face! Absolutely priceless.” Kendall shoves the other boy, but smiles back.

“Jerk. I can’t wait for you to get famous and leave us all alone.”

James throws an arm around Kendall and sways them to the beat of the song. “Whatever. You know you’re going to miss me. Terribly. There will be tears. And love letters. You’ll be demanding my return.”

“Uh huh,” Kendall responds with raised eyebrows. “Knowing you, I’ll be dragged with, and Logan and Carlos, too. You wouldn’t know what to do without us.”

Pausing to consider this, James shrugs and grins. “Sure, I’ll need groupies anyway.”

Kendall sighs with exasperation but lets James keep moving them around the dance floor. Logan manages to escape his partner and Carlos sidles over, and soon they’ve built a circle of dancing and goofing around.

With James pressed to one side and Logan swishing his hips about on other while Carlos waves his arms around in a semi-dangerous manner, Kendall figures that the party wasn’t so bad after all.

Tags: fandom: big time rush, pairing: kendall/james, rating: pg-13, special: christmas 2010
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